Anatomy of a Discovery Conversation

In which we will actually perform an unrehearsed discovery call, following our discovery methodology, with “call outs” from time to time to highlight and explain key elements, skills, and principles. This won’t be your standard webinar!

Join us to see a real-life example of doing discovery that can serve as the basis for a template for you and your team, as well.

To set the context for this webinar, our prospect has reached out to us asking about demo skills training possibilities. We had an initial 20-minute conversation about our offerings, after which we sent information on our training options and pricing. After digesting this information, our prospect reconnected for the next step: a discovery conversation.

Join us to listen-in as we interview our prospect…

We’ll intersperse the conversation with comments and observations about the anatomy of this discovery call, exploring key elements of discovery:

  • About You
  • Demographics
  • Environment
  • Major Pain
  • Impact
  • Value
  • Related Pain
  • Culture
  • Wrap-up

About the Presenters

Peter Cohan

Peter Cohan is the founder and principal of The Second Derivative and the Great Demo! and Doing Discovery methodologies, focused on helping software organizations improve their presales, sales and marketing results – primarily through improving organizations’ demonstrations and discovery skills. He has experience as an individual contributor, manager and senior management in marketing, sales, business development, and as a member of the C-suite. He has also been and continues to be a prospect and a customer.

Mark Green

For over 20 years Mark Green’s been connecting real people to real technology and now leads authentic technical narratives at Sage as a Technology Evangelist.

From the hit podcast: Two Presales in a Pod, the tech-focused video series ‘2 Minute Tuesdays’ to presenting on innovation stages in-person across the world, he has the expertise to find real business value in deeply technical concepts.

Initially beginning his experience in the IT industry, moving through IBM, Salomon Taylormade Adidas, EDS, Infor and Sage, the insights gained from supporting their growing needs in Retail, MOD, ERP, Finance and HCM sectors means he’s seen B2B at every scale.

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