Bossing Demonstration Complexity and Value Proposition design like a 5-year-old

As children, there were some skills we excelled at that we seemed to lose as we became adults. How we view the world, our attitude to play and even how we handle complexity is very different now, as adults, from when we were children.

In this session, we are going to look at a very common problem in the PreSales / Sales Engineering profession, overwhelming complexity in feature/function/client value mapping and the need to architect short, punchy, focussed demonstrations and videos and see how thinking like a 5-year-old helps.


About the Presenter

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Don Carmichael

Don Carmichael is a PreSales coach, trainer and keynote speaker and the Founder and Chief PreSales Evangelist at Winning Skills Ltd. After a 30-year PreSales career including heading EMEA PreSales enablement at both SAP and Oracle, Don founded Winning Skills to elevate the PreSales skill set and help take the profession and craft forward as Buyer Enablers. Don has taught PreSales skills at Adobe, Deloitte, SurveyMonkey, Sage, Freshworks, Concur and many, many others. Don is co-host of the ‘Two PreSales in a Pod’ podcast series, has his own hashtag on LinkedIn #PreSalesbyDonCarmichael, and regularly contributes to web events.