Hiring Pressales: The Struggles & Challenges of Finding Talented SEs, with Amanda Bertucci

Finding quality talent is hard. Finding amazing Sales Engineers is even harder.

So how do you find the right people to fill openings and scale your Presales teams?

We’re living through a time that many are referring to as “The Great Resignation.” Industries around the world are experiencing labor shortages, and Presales is no exception. Leaders across the world are struggling to recruit, onboard, and retain the best sales engineering talent. But how do you go about it.


Join us on Wednesday, November 11 as Amanda Bertucci explains the trends that have caused the struggles and challenges leaders face when hiring Presales professionals, and how to overcome those challenges to find long-term success.

About the Presenter

Amanda Bertucci, a woman in a black shirt, smiling at a window.

Amanda Bertucci

Amanda is a Sales Engineer at Virtuozzo, helping build, scale, and grow the Presales organization. Amanda has more than 15 years of Presales experience, having worked in several countries through the years. She has held leadership roles and has been recognized for her achievements, elevating the service levels in teams she has led and been part of. Amanda is a DEI advocate and is passionate about mentoring and helping Presales professionals of any backgrounds grow in their roles.