How To Nail the Human + Technology Mix in the Customer Journey With Jason Voiovich

In the brave new world of B2B decision making, the days of “Mad Men” national advertising campaigns and “Lone Wolf” superstar salespeople are clearly over.

But over the past 10 years, many technologists assumed that human touchpoints would be replaced by marketing automation (MarTech) and sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) software. The results have been disappointing. Decision makers pull back from entering their “real names” into your online lead tracking forms and use incognito mode on their web browsers to sneak around your defenses.

Real people want real, human connections … even in the B2B sales process. But what is the right mix that balances efficiency and effectiveness?

Author, researcher, and recovering marketing and sales executive Jason Voiovich joins Garin Hess of Consensus to walk us through an updated version of the customer journey, explaining how people and technology can work together to create a compelling, measurable, and ultimately effective experience.

Key takeaways:

Rethink the “sales funnel” as a “customer journey” – a simple change that will transform your sales and marketing function.

Learn the expectations of the customer at each stage along that journey, and how both people and technology have a role in each one.

Experience real case examples of successful implementations.

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