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Objection Handling: and why it’s so much harder for PreSales

Do you know how to handle your top 5 Buyer objections? Are you practised, prepared, rehearsed and know when and when not to answer an objection?

PreSales professionals handle objections all the time. It’s a very healthy sign; it means the Buyer is engaged and thinking about the challenges associated with your solution. Most salespeople get some form of objection handling training, usually at the beginning of their career. It’s rare, however, for that training to stretch to PreSales/SEs and even then, it turns out, PreSales need a different kind of objection handling tool.

For us in PreSales, objections carry a much greater burden than they do for salespeople. We, PreSales, are presented to Buyers as the technical or business expert; if an objection can be answered by showing the technology or by referencing knowledge of a case study or previous implementation, we’re expected to know it and even be able to show it.

We’ll walk through the structured, proven Winning Skills – PreSales objection handling tool called PIIITCH™ (Pause, Interest, Intent, Implications, Tell and Check). We’ll give examples and explain how and why it works and what it tells us about the need for practice, preparation and teamwork.

We’ll intersperse the conversation with comments and observations about the anatomy of this discovery call, exploring key elements of discovery:

About the Presenter

Don Carmichael

Don has been in Technology PreSales over 30 years starting out delivering complex, enterprise demos at small resellers and partners to 8 years running EMEA PreSales enablement at SAP and Oracle to now running a company completely focused on training and coaching PreSales skills, best practices and techniques and advising PreSales leaders on organization, operations and tools.

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