Raises, Burnout, & Automation: Unpacking the 2023 Sales Engineering Report

Join us on Wednesday, July 12, 2023 @ 9am MT 

Curious about how your fellow SEs are being compensated?

Or how much time they are spending on different tasks like demos or discovery?

Or maybe the degree to which they experience frustration and burnout? If so, join us for this session with VP of Marketing, John Cook and Presales Industry Analyst, Crystal Burek, who will review key highlights from our 2023 Sales Engineering Compensation & Workload Report.This report compiles data from over 1000 participants and analyzes it with deep statistical rigor to uncover timely benchmarks and insights that will help Presales teams maximize productivity and impact.

About the Presenter

Crystal Burek, a woman, smiling in front of a hexagon.

Crystal Burek

Crystal began her career as a web application developer but quickly found a fit in Presales at Oracle selling the Business Intelligence platform. After 6 years at Oracle and some time home with her young family, Crystal rejoined the world of Presales at Salesforce. But this time she partnered with another top Sales Engineer and they were given the challenge to experiment with programs to scale Presales resources in the SMB market. The duo ran a very successful bi-weekly webinar series for Salesforce Admins, created a comprehensive product video library, and leveraged that video content to successfully pilot Consensus demo automation with the SMB Sales teams at Salesforce. Now at Consensus, Crystal is excited to utilize her experience to perform in-depth industry research and uncover insights and trends to unlock the potential of Presales.