Sales Engineer Salary & Workload, with John Cook

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Explore the most recent data on sales engineer salary and workload in this landmark study.

This webinar marks the official release of our report, in which over 400 presales professionals shared insights into everything from industry experience and base salary to how long a prospect waits to get a demo.

You’ll also get a chance to vote on and request metrics for our next study as we drive to become the most trusted source on earth for presales/sales combo teams tackling the complex sale.

About the Presenter

Garrett Erickson

Garrett Erickson

Garrett is an experienced marketing professional who focuses on revenue, enables sales teams, effectively communicates value propositions, and drives measurable results. He utilizes his deep understanding of sales and procurement processes to create engaging content that supports business development efforts. He's also passionate about empowering companies and employees to give back to their communities in creative and innovative ways.

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