Sales Shouldn’t Hurt: How to Connect More Sustainably with Your Prospects and Build Stronger Relationships, with Ed Jaffe

Stop selling pain and earn the right to sell with empathy!

You left the last demo feeling great. You did exactly what you were trained to do – you found the pain during discovery, recapped all of it during your demo, and pushed it during the close. By the end of the presentation, there was no doubt the audience felt the pain, but then you were able to show them the right solution.

But a funny thing happened after the demo. Nothing. Because people don’t actually like feeling pain in a sales meeting, and they don’t want to work with people who make them feel bad. Your audience already knew they had problems, and they need to know how you’re going to help, not told all of the things they’re doing wrong.

In this webinar, Master Demo Coach Ed Jaffe will discuss why “challenging” audiences isn’t the best approach when it comes to demos and presentations. Ed will provide instruction on how to deliver more impactful presentations based on principles of positive psychology and behavioral economics, then walk you through what an authentic sales presentation looks like – one that’s delivered with empathy and vulnerability – so you can make authentic connections with your audiences. That way, your demos will result in closed deals, not closed doors.

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