The Important Part of Change Leadership: The People

Join us on August 22, 2023 @ 9am MT

How often has a shift in direction been handed down to you to navigate? Getting your team behind any change can be difficult. As a leader, you must embrace the change and lead it, don’t let the change lead you. To make any change have a lasting impact, you must make the people at the heart of it. Join this session to learn a simple 5 step approach to successfully lead your team through any change.

About the Presenter

Lori Payne

Lori Payne is currently the Global Vice President of Presales at BlackLine, a cloud software solution automating critical accounting processes. Lori has been in the software industry for 25 years, leading teams for over 10 years. For Lori, none of the roles she’s held in her software career hold a light to her love of Presales. Lori is an open, transparent leader with a passion for increasing growth mindsets of those around her, advocating for her Team and encouraging more Women in Tech to pursue their goals.

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