The Presales Tech Stack

Much has been made about the venture capital flooding the presales market and the increasing opportunity for tech companies to scale the presales operation through automation. But what exactly is the presales solution landscape, and is there really an emerging “Presales Tech Stack”? The answer is YES. And there are few people in the community more qualified to discuss it than guest speakers Kerry Sokalsky and Chris White. They have recently released the first ever Presales Buyers Guide, in which they have defined five subcategories of presales automation and tooling. Join them on June 23rd at 11am MT to talk about those categories, the problems they address, the benefits that companies are realizing, and help everyone make better sense of the emerging Presales Tech Stack and landscape.

About the Presenters

Chris White

Chris White is the author of the acclaimed “The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers”. Founder and CEO of Tech Sales Advisors and host of the LinkedIn Live program Tech Sales Advice (#techsalesadvice), Chris is no stranger to the presales community. A regular guest at industry events and three-time presenter at DemoFest, he speaks with infectious enthusiasm, shares unique insights, and leaves tangible steps on how to improve.

Kerry Sokalsky

Kerry Sokalsky is the Founder and President of Presales Mastery, helping B2B software sellers win more deals with personalized 1-on-1 demo call coaching. Using an online coaching platform, we coach recorded prospect demos to provide feedback on real-world performance, leveraging our proprietary 95-metric demo performance best practices framework. Our long-term coaching reinforces key learning concepts to convert them to sellers’ sales muscle memory, and focuses on individuals’ unique skill gaps that often aren’t addressed in group training. Kerry has over 17 years of global presales and sales enablement leadership experience at both dynamic software startups and Fortune 50 firms. An accomplished demo coach, he brings his clients both first-hand demo experience, having delivered over 1,000 custom enterprise demos over his career, along with a wide breadth of perspectives from working with dozens of presales organizations across the globe. Kerry is also the Founder of SETO, the Toronto-chapter of SE Nation, and co-author, with Chris White, of the Presales Buyer’s Guide.

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