What’s the “Minimum Viable Demo” & How does it relate to the Six Demo Types?

At our DemofestX event in Silicon Slopes earlier in the year, author and recognized presales expert Chris White shared a concept he calls the MVD with the audience – the “Minimum Viable Demo”. We LOVED the concept and wanted to learn more. In fact, we challenged Chris to consider how that concept might apply to the Six Demo Types that we defined years ago. Challenge accepted.

Curious to know what the answer is? So are we!

Join us for this webinar to hear the best practices in applying the idea of “less is more” to each of the six demo types – Vision, Micro, Qualifying, Technical, Closing, and FAQ – and how you can maximize the return on the time and effort you spend on your demos, while at the same time MINIMIZING the time and effort you spend on your demos.

Chris will be joined by his colleague Bill Balnave. Watch the recording today

About the Presenters

Chris White

Chris White is the author of the acclaimed “The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers”. Founder and CEO of Tech Sales Advisors and host of the LinkedIn Live program Tech Sales Advice (#techsalesadvice), Chris is no stranger to the presales community. A regular guest at industry events and three-time presenter at DemoFest, he speaks with infectious enthusiasm, shares unique insights, and leaves tangible steps on how to improve.

Bill Balnave

Bill Balnave began his career in IT and then transitioned to his first SE role in 1999. Since then, he has been an SE and SE leader for companies like Clarify, Mercury Interactive, HP, and Apptio. He has led large teams in big companies and built teams in fast growth startups. He now shares his experience and lessons as part of Tech Sales Advisors.

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