When to take the risk: Hiring SEs Outside of the Box

Join us Thursday, February 24 at 11:00 AM Mountain Time!

DO NOT hire clones…Okay, I am not from the future but I want to warn you that we have to find new talent and we can’t keep hiring like we did before! Solution Engineering is a growing spot for uniquely talented individuals and in order for us to make this role a “destination” it will require taking risks when hiring. I will present a framework you can use that will allow you to recruit, hire and onboard individuals that bring a fresh perspective to your Solutions business and I will provide you with first-hand insights on what to do to “mitigate” the risk of hiring non-traditional candidates and how that can have a real impact on your business goals.

About the Presenter

Kevin O’Keefe

Kevin O’Keefe is a passionate Solution Engineering leader with 15 years of SaaS experience. He started his career at Resolver doing software implementations before he found his #dreamjob and became their first SE. He started the Solutions org., with a team of 5 at Resolver. He now runs a team of 10 at Salesforce, which includes supporting 50+ Account Executives. The team he runs includes a Team Lead, New Grads and tons of opportunity for growth (he’s hiring!).

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