Working Seamlessly as a Sales Team, with Art Fromm

Your revenue team has two main components: Presales and Sales. How do you get the most out of both of them?

Every complex B2B sales opportunity requires two key roles in order to qualify, discover, and address the buyer’s/stakeholder’s business and technical needs and win the deal: Sales and Presales. We will explore some of the differences in the two roles that can be both an asset and challenge, and how the sales team can work together better to help the buyer, move the deal forward, and win more business.

About the Presenter

Art Fromm

Art is founder and owner of Team Sales Development Inc, specializing in Consultative Sales Transformation for B2B companies. In addition to offerings from his own portfolio, and working with Global partners, Art delivers workshops for John Care, is a Great Demo! Certified Partner working with Peter Cohan, and partners with Steve Bistritz delivering the Sales Opportunity Snapshot® (SOS) methodology, from which Art created “SOS for D365” – the first sales methodology App for Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Art began in Engineering and quickly moved into the software space running internal applications for three companies. This led to various Sales Engineering, Account Manager, and Sales Management positions with leading enterprise software companies where he routinely surpassed revenue and performance targets. Art moved into a Sales Enablement role in 2000, formed his own company in 2004, and from 2005-2008 drove US-based business for a Global Learning Provider, eventually continuing with his own company, Team Sales Development Inc, focused on helping SE’s and AM’s increase revenue, win-rate, and customer satisfaction – SEAMless Sales®.

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