You Can’t Close What You Didn’t Open: Discovery That Drives Business Outcomes

You can't close what you didn't open, but you can certainly discover it.

For decades Revenue Organizations have been bemoaning the difficulty of developing strong discovery skills across their sales teams. Why does this problem persist?

Discovery is the art of opening a topic with your customer to discuss admitted and latent pains. You can’t close business based on a topic you didn’t discuss. And most sellers have a hard time moving the conversation forward to a place where more than severe immediate pains are discussed.

What if your sellers COULD discuss these topics? What if they could discuss them in a way that the customer built their own business case to sell your product or service internally? What if the adoption rate of advanced discovery skills across your sales organization was 100%? Would that move the needle in your business?

It can be done. In this course Elisabeth will explain the discovery strategy and training program currently bringing Semrush subsantial gains in closing rates, as well as decreasing customer churn. Her innovative program is relatable and scalable to most complex sales, whether B2B or B2C.

About the Presenter

Elisabeth Marino, a woman wearing a black jacket and green turtleneck.

Elisabeth Marino

Elisabeth Marino has been a leader in Sales Enablement for over 25 years. First as the President and Founder of Sales Dynamo, a 6 person full service sales enablement agency, and then working for major SaaS companies like LiveRamp and Semrush, Elisabeth delivers strategy and support for revenue departments to create continuous gains and skill improvements.
She has:
· Proven success in scoping, designing, and implementing outcome-based revenue onboarding and enablement programs using adult learning principles
· A proactive, self-motivated, and self-directed mindset
· A track record of driving strategy and results in several different industries while maintaining positive relationships
· Ability to identify and resolve roadblocks through strong collaboration, data analysis, and communication skills
· Ability to collaborate and act in a lead role as a subject matter expert within a team environment to meet aggressive goals
· Ability to lead a global enablement program
Elisabeth is a popular guest and Keynote speaker, haven recently addressed the Sales Enablement Collaborative here in NY in March of this year, and the Sales Enablement Society in San Diego this October. Frequent topics she addresses are Onboarding for Sales Readiness, Manager Enablement as a Sales Force Multiplier, Enterprise Sales Team Training and Enablement, and Advanced Seller Communication Skills.
Join her to take the next step in the critical skill development of advanced discovery skills for your team.