How Technology Can Help Sales Teams Get on the Same Page

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Garin Hess

Your salespeople aren’t robots.

They come with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some, for instance, are absolute aces at cold-calling, while others lean heavily on email to reach out their prospects. Others prefer having a script while others can’t stand the practice. And while human nature is exactly what allows the best salespeople to build trusting relationships with prospects, it can also come with a ton of unpredictability and flaws.

Add up all the flaws and idiosyncrasies that your sales team members bring to the table, and it can sometimes feel to buyers like each salesperson is in a completely different company than the next. Nowhere is this weakness more apparent than in lead follow-up.

In his recent post on InsideSales’ blog, Gabe Larsen spoke to this problem:

“[L]imited reports show reps are all over the board on their follow-up strategy. In some cases, organizations take over 40 hours to respond to web leads, when in reality, they should be responding within five minutes. Customers complain about a lack of professionalism as reps struggle through elevator pitches and misspell words in poorly written emails.”

This lack of uniformity and quality results, says Larsen, in a 71% loss of leads on average.

For what is often the first human contact a buyer has with a company, this is the opposite of what sales teams want. We all know that our sales teams can do better in every key performance metric when they are giving the ideal demo, the ideal pitch, every time. But how to get such perfection from a very human team of salespeople?

Of course, training is crucial to getting all your salespeople up to speed on your messaging, product features, etc., so they can speak and pitch in similar ways. But new technology might also provide some much needed tools for consistency-deficient sales teams.

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