8 Strategies for Scaling Presales

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Most software companies are running into a sales engineering resource crunch. With the ratio of AE:SE increasing, more and more is asked of SEs. You may be entering new markets or hiring sales staff with no corresponding budget to hire in presales. Or perhaps Marketing is driving increased lead flow, but all you’re seeing is a huge influx of un/under-qualified demos, leading to a big time sink.

In this session, learn 8 strategies for meeting increased demand:

-Define the Gap: Learn how to quantify the gap between what demand your team can handle and what you’re expected to handle; learn how to close the gap

-Better Qualification: Learn how the DQL (Demo Qualified Lead) concept is transforming the way companies are qualifying prospects before engaging presales resources

-Categorizing Demos for Better Resource Allocation: Not all demos are alike. Early, mid, and late stage demos all have different purposes and therefore different resource allocations

-Equipping Sales to Demo: Learn to put some very early stage demos in the hands of the sales team

-Demo Automation: Learn to leverage personalized interactive video demos that prospects can watch on their own time so you can “sell in the gap” between appointments

-Video for Multilingual Market Coverage: Learn how to use video resources to cover more language markets without hiring translators

-Webinars: Learn to offer effective early-stage demos for prospects from multiple organizations at once

-KPIs: Learn what KPIs will tell you if you’re making progress scaling your Presales organization

About the Presenter

Founder & CEO, Consensus