Keynote | Helping Sellers Sell & Buyers Buy

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DEMOFEST 2022 Keynote | Helping Sellers Sell and Buyers Buy: Shortening Sales Cycles by Crushing the Moments that Matter Most with Alastair Woolcock, Chief Strategy Officer @
Buyers are frustrated, with 87% stating they find the sales experiences ‘useless’. Digital engagement is helping, but lacks coordination with the selling motions. It’s no longer just knowing when to send the right info or when to call, but focusing on the buyer-tasks and jobs, instead of our sales process. Thanks to significant breakthroughs in insights and technology, there’s never been a better opportunity for presales to enable the buying experience while increasing win rates and shortening sales cycles. Former Gartner VP Analyst and current Chief Strategy Officer Alastair Woolcock will reveal research on the buyer journey, illuminate challenges faced by presales professionals and buyers, and discuss the solutions and mindset needed to ensure success.

About the Presenter

Alastair Woolcock

Chief Strategy Officer

Alastair Woolcock is the Chief Strategy Officer at, where he guides the future of end-to-end revenue production by focusing on sustainable growth. Alastair is a Growth Bets and Growth Strategy expert with strong inductive reasoning skills, and a leader in applying AI and Analytics to modern marketing and sales to enable growth in any market condition. Prior to joining, he was a VP Analyst with Gartner and covered the revenue technology categories globally He has presented and created thought-leadership in the Rev-Tech space in USA, EU, AsiaPac and the Mid-East, and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, CIO Magazine, and BusinessWire.