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Welcome back to the first all-presales virtual conference. We can’t wait to show you all of the fantastic thought leadership, practical training, and fresh research we’ve put together for you this year.

I missed DemoFest. Can I still watch the sessions?

You betcha! We’ve recorded every session so you can dive in or revisit all of the great content from DEMOFEST 2021.

Click into any session below to get a link to the recording.


Keynote: The SE of the Future

Todd Janzen, Global Vice President at Salesforce, Head of Q Branch

Improving Qualified Demos through DQL Strategy

Rob Dean, Presales Director, EMEA, Trintech

How SalesForce Uses Demo Automation to Scale Presales

Iman Maghroori, Master Solution Engineer,

How Horizontal Networks Foster Innovation

James Kaikis, Co-Founder, Presales Collective

Getting Everyone On Board & The Organizational Shift of Alignment

Tara Merry, Mark McKinlay,

Dramatically Increase Interaction in Virtual Demos

Julie Hansen, Founder, Performance Sales & Training

Discovery and Demo Strategies and Tactics for Transactional Sales Cycles

Peter Cohan, Principal, The Second Derivative

Creating a Differentiated B2B Buying Experience to Increase Sales Yields

Shaked Vax, Worldwide Sales Engineering Leader, IBM

Blurred Lines

Guro McCrea, VP of Growth – Global, New Relic, Inc.


Chris White, Founder, Demo Doctor

Running a “Business Discovery University” for Presales

Woody Evans, Vice President, Global Presales, Delphix

NextGen Presales: The Digital Hybrid Model

Adam Freeman, Head of Presales, The Access Group

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